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y white and seldom ●has a colour, as she used to do.Sh●e is a great reader and one of my friends, wh▓o has a good library and also revie●ws the ie books, and so gets them, brings he●r so


me book of great interest every time{31▓3} he comes to make me a visit, and t▓hey talk a great deal together.Sometimes I● get quite jealous, for I do not rea▓d deep books.I mean I would no


t ▓care to if I had time.I never have time to ●read at all. I must explain here● how the great and unexpected pleasure of▓ going into society came to me.I had quite● given up all h


ope of that joy●, for once when I asked mamma about my going out● sometimes, she seemed quite▓ shocked, as though it were an abso●lute impossibility, so I never said anythin▓g more about


it.But after the school wa●s well started, the son of my father’s fr▓iend, Nicholas Williams (the same ●whose family had been so wond●erfully good and generous to us, l▓ending us Crowley

Hill as a hom●e for th

  • e whole war, and lavishing the pr▓oducts of their farm and garden upon us)▓, brought his two beautiful d●aughters, one barely fifteen, the ●other seventeen; and Mrs.Williams asked m▓y mother to receive them for Fr

    • ung L▓adi
  • ench, literatu▓re, and history only, and expressed the▓ wish that they should go into so▓ciety, as much as practicabl●e, as their time would not be fully occupied b▓y their studies.My mother consent▓ed, and these

    • ay and S
  • delightful girls came, Serena ●a queenly bru{314}nette and Mar●y a madonna-faced blonde, but it was● not wise to trust too much to that demure expre▓ssion.When the first invitations came to a ba●ll for us all,

    • sometim


mamma came to me and said: “Be▓ssie, you will have to go and chaperon the girls▓, for after the work of the day I ●am quite unequal to going out and si●tting up half the night.” I tried not to ▓sh

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ow my delight too plainly, but an●swered quietly, that I would do my b▓est in the el rle of chape●ron.We went to the ball, and I was v●ery proud of my be

  • auties, and their love▓ly clothes.The acting chaperon was● very small, very thin, and dressed in a frock● she had made herself in between times, a lit▓tle over twenty, and nobody t▓hought


    hat she would be able ▓to manage the respon

    sibilities, fo●r the girls were great belle▓s from the first moment, but there never wa●s the least difficulty or friction; they w▓ere well-bred, well-trained girls, acc▓ustomed to recogn


    e and yield to authority; ●which was for th

    e moment represented▓ in the person of their very small, very pl▓ain chaperon.I soon grew very fond of them▓.They called me “Miss Allsto▓n” most carefully.Altogether the g▓oing into soc


    ty with them w●as just the last thing neces

  • sary▓ to fill my cup of happiness to th▓e brim.My every faculty was▓ in full{315} use, and the goi●ng out and dancing, instead of● being a fatigue, took away ●all sense of fatigue; I mys


    f have no do●ubt but that rhythmic motion t

    o music is one o●f the most restful things in▓ the world.I feel quite sure that in ●the end this will be recognized by the medi▓cal profession as the best cure for nervou▓s diseases. CHA



    anuary, 1867. WE ar●e now well on in the second ●year of the school, and it is no longe▓r an experiment but a great ▓success.Mamma’s methods and judgment hav▓e been fully justified.Th


    “young▓ Ladies” have behaved entir●ely l

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Creativity itself doesn't care at all about results - the only thing it craves is the process. Learn to love the contrary, their manners and deport▓ment have visibly improved. Mamma looks pe?/span>


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